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Standard equipment

All items are included as standard in every trailer we build. 

All the trailers come with certificate of conformity with EU standards

All the parts are CE Approved

– One wing like sales window
– Small table on sales window
– Small table side window
– One store rack on back wall
– Non-slip Al floor
– One light on ceiling
– 2 counters/cabinets
– 5 sockets
– Power connector on chassis – Hook Up
– 4 jacks
– Double water sink with water pump, hot/cold water
– Number plate holder
– Number plate light
– Red reflective triangle
– Fog light

– Rain Cover

– Coupling Lock

Brake system (optional) with Al-ko braked axle and Al-ko braked coupling hitch : £550

To add U Shape bench, if width is 165cm : £100 , if width is 200cm : £150


The chassis ,the frame and the body are made of galvanized steel ,both sides are made by glass fibre reinforced plastics (FRP)

Please refer to the attached CE Approval Documents for information

Optionale Ausstattung

– Double sink with hot/cold water 
– Water tanks
– 12volt mini water pump with on/off control switch 
– 10 LED lights on the ceiling
– 8 LED lights on the hatch
– 6 Sockets
– Fuse/connecting box
– Lighting rope
– Signal lights(brake/turn/reverse/fog)
– 2 x External sockets (hook up)
– 4 Jacks
– Stainless steel counters

– Double Al-ko axles
– Al-ko brake system
– Al-ko braked coupling hitch

– Free Rain Cover

The stainless steel used to build the trailers is grade 304

Optionale Ausstattung

Alle diese zusätzlichen Optionen sind preislich konkurrenzfähig und werden bei der Herstellung Ihres Anhängers in der Fabrik hergestellt. 

Deshalb nennen wir diese maßgeschneidert!  

Alle angegebenen Preise Preise ohne MwSt.

Cash Drawer £90

Stainless Steel drawer

Stainless Steel drawer Price £90

Workbench Refrigerator Voltage: 220 v Power:0.25 kw Size: 1200*600*800mm/£550 Size: 1500*600*800mm/£600 Size: 1800*600*800mm/£650 Size: 2000*600*800mm/£700

Salad Bar Refrigerator Voltage: 220 v Power:0.25 kw Size: 1200*600*800mm/£680 Size: 1500*600*800mm/£740 Size: 1800*600*800mm/£790 Size: 2000*600*800mm/£850

Fridge/Freezer (106L) Size: 630x520x835mm Price: £450

Sliding door cupboard Price: £130(L230cm) £170(L*280cm) £200(L*340cm)

Gas bottle box 800x450x850mm Price: £270

Shelf sliding doors Price: £90 (L230cm) £110 (L*280cm) £130 (L*340cm)

Range Hoods 1 Motor £350 2 Motors £550 3 Motors £750

Generator box 750x550x580 Price : £150

Two service window Price: £200 (L*230cm) £220 (L*280cm) £270 (L*340cm)

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